Learn How to Lift a Truck

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Whether you drive a new Silverado or a classic Chevy, Don Ringler Chevrolet understands the allure of lifting your truck. Temple drivers sometimes ask the service team at Don Ringler Chevrolet, “How do I lift my truck?” Read on to learn the difference between leveling kits, body lift kits, and suspension lift kits, and for more information on how to lift a truck, contact us.



Tools You’ll Need to Lift a Truck

Killeen drivers understand that doing any job right starts with having the right tools on hand. Gather these tools to install a lift kit on your Chevy truck:

  • Vehicle jacks and jack stands
  • Pry bar
  • Torque wrench
  • Hammer
  • Socket wrench
  • Lug wrench
  • Set of screwdrivers

You’ll need to use the pry bar and a hammer to remove any old parts you struggle with removing from your truck. It’s also wise to have some WD-40 to help loosen tight connections. Remember, these items are just the bare necessities to do the task. If you need any OEM Chevy truck parts or accessories for the job or want to purchase a new lift kit, contact our service center near Salado.

How Do I Lift My Truck? Step-by-Step Instructions

Even though we are providing these instructions, they shouldn’t replace the instruction manual that is included with your lift kit when you purchase it! We at Don Ringler Chevrolet recommend that you read and follow those instructions precisely! The steps below are just a summary of the process. Once you read the instructions in your lift kit, you’ll know what is involved and can make an informed decision between doing it yourself and having a professional installation. Be certain that you have the proper lift kit for your Chevy truck. Then, carefully follow the steps below to learn how to lift a truck!

  1. Disconnect and remove the negative battery cable.
  2. Loosen all of your lug nuts. That way, the tires are easier to take off once your truck is off the ground.
  3. Raise the truck off the ground using the jack and jack stand. Make sure your truck’s center of gravity is solid.
  4. Remove all of your wheels and put them on the ground.
  5. Remove all of your U-bolts, shocks, and springs.
  6. Attach the new bolts, shocks, and suspension by following the instructions included in your lift kit.
  7. Using a torque wrench, make sure that all the pieces and bolts are tight.
  8. Put on your old tires or a new set of bigger tires.
  9. Carefully lower your truck, bit by bit, keeping it as level as you can until it reaches the ground.

You might also need to install a new transfer case, longer driveshaft, or other parts. Before you hit the trails around Salado, schedule a service appointment to have your work inspected as an added safety precaution.

Don Ringler Chevrolet is at Your Service

Now that you understand how to lift a truck, if someone in the Georgetown area asks you, “How do I lift my truck?” you’ll know the answer! If you’re leaning towards professional installation after reading this guide on how to lift a truck, contact us. Also, Don Ringler Chevrolet sometimes has already lifted trucks for sale on our lot. Don Ringler Chevrolet is at your service and happy to help.


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