Lifted Trucks in Temple, Texas

We know lifted trucks better than anyone. Don Ringler has dozens of custom lifted trucks like the 2021 Silverado 2500HD, Silverado 1500, and also Silverado 3500HD. We work with several aftermarket truck accessory companies to get the best results possible. Shop our current selection of lifted trucks in Temple, or choose a New Chevrolet Truck and we can lift it and customize it to get the look you want.

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Picking the Best Lifted Truck in Texas

It’s well-known that guys (and lots of gals) enjoy customizing their vehicles. Truck modifications are either for utility-customizing your truck to enhance its intended use-or to improve its appearance. Utility modifications are often practical. For example, light kits will widen your visibility when you’re driving in the woods or fields after dark, and fog lights are helpful if you drive in murky weather. As for the right amount of lift, a 2-, 4-, or 6-inch lift kit (or more) will provide you with more clearance for driving off-road. And how much of a lift will look good even if you’re just driving on city streets? That is up to you. Lots of us just like the look our trucks and we want them to be a reflection of our personality. As a result, many modifications are purely cosmetic, even the height of the lift. Details including window tint, fog lights, running boards and lift kits are personal preferences, so at Don Ringler Chevrolet, we give you the tools to pick the best configuration for your pickup.

Lifted Trucks for Hunting, Fishing, Mudding, & Off-Roading

Truck mods and lifts allow you to customize your truck for outdoor activities like:
Fishing: Lift doesn’t matter as much, but towing capacity does (so you can tow your boat). Other typical modifications are bed liners, rod storage systems, cooler storage, lights, steps, etc.

Boating: You could want a little lift to support the weight of a bigger boat, but too high of a lift could be inefficient. Even without lift, max towing capacity is definitely most important here.

Camping: If you are towing a trailer, you will also need AC adapters and lighting. Your amount of lift is dependent on on where you want to go camping. You will also want to consider a bed liner, steps, and other more family-friendly modifications.

Hunting: A small lift may be useful so you can get off-trail, but towing may be less important. Bed liners and bed storage are crucial because you have to carry your deer back home when the weekend’s done.

Mudding/Off-Roading: Lift is often most important for this. The lift will keep your pickup from sinking into the mud and you will be able to drive through swampy areas, muddy fields, and forests.

You’ll need to raise your truck a lot and put on improved suspension components (shocks, springs, etc.) if you’re trying to really go off-roading. You will also need larger tires and possibly a ladder to make it easier to get in. Wheels and tires are available in a wide range of sizes, and you will choose the ones that will modify your vehicle for its intended use or the look you’re going for. Contact Don Ringler Chevrolet at (254) 252-4022 to schedule a consultation. We would love to assist you in putting together the lifted truck that’s just right for your needs.

Does Don Ringler Chevrolet Sell New and Used Custom Trucks?

Almost always when people personalize a pickup, they do it themselves or get a trustworthy dealer to make modifications for them. If you aren’t a DIY person, let Don Ringler Chevrolet show you our lifted trucks or customize a pickup for you. When we customize a truck, you get our years of experience, our warranty and the high level of customer service we’ve got a reputation for. We are glad to personalize any of the trucks on our lot to your requirements. We have also got some pre-owned lifted trucks to look at.

Is There Leasing for Lifted Trucks?

Almost all people who drive a lifted truck prefer to own their pickup. When you lease a truck, it is difficult to modify it because you will have to turn it in at the end of your leasing term in “like condition,” aside from expected damage over time.

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