How to Be a Fuel-Efficient Driver

2022 Chevy Trax

If you’re like many Temple drivers, you want to know how to improve fuel economy, so you can save money at the pump. There are several ways to improve fuel economy, from developing fuel-efficient driving habits to choosing a new Chevy that gets better mpg than your current ride. You might even want to choose an electric car, like the Chevy Bolt! Still, when learning how to improve fuel economy, one of the easiest methods is to practice fuel-efficient driving habits. Keep reading to get a few great tips on how to be fuel-efficient on your Killeen travels, and contact us if you have any questions.



5 Tips to Build Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

When learning how to be fuel-efficient, start with changing your driving habits. Check out the tips below: :

  1. Accelerate Softly: Press on the gas pedal softly because the harder you press down, the more gas you use. Accelerating smoothly and try to take five seconds to reach 10 mph from a standstill.
  2. Plan Ahead for Busy Traffic: Sitting in stop-and-go traffic is frustrating and adds mechanical stress to your drivetrain. Do your best to avoid rush hour and leave at least 15 minutes early.
  3. Avoid High Speeds: Vehicles use more gas at higher speeds. To get the best possible fuel economy on Salado highways, keep your speed between 55 and 65 mph if possible.
  4. Coast to a Stop: Rather than riding your brakes constantly, watch the road ahead and if no one is ahead of you, take your foot off the gas and coast to a stop. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Reduce your speed as you go uphill, and use your momentum to coast downhill.
  5. Use AC at Highway Speeds: Car AC uses gas, so use it sparingly. But when driving on the highway, use your car’s AC instead of rolling down the windows because it’s more fuel efficient. Open windows at higher speeds increase the drag coefficient.

Find a Fuel-Efficient New Chevy at Don Ringler Chevrolet!

Now that you know how to improve fuel economy, we invite you to explore our most fuel-efficient models at Don Ringler Chevrolet near Georgetown, such as the Chevy Trax. Contact us to schedule a test drive and hear about our new vehicle specials and incentives. Doing business with us is easy thanks to our payment calculator and online credit application. So, reach out to us today and let us know how we can of service!


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